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Ages ago, it was said “The advertisement can sell absolutely everything..” and this is true. Ads are everywhere around us and we don’t even pay a lot of attention to them. The reason for this is that the designers of the ads didn’t do their best to impress us.

The internet is not an exception, you can promote your services there and make them available 24/7 for your customers. But there are some things, you have to consider before that.

There are many advantages of choosing the web as your promoting environment.

If you are interested in any of the services below, please contact us Web Activations Ltd.

Basic web design
Creating a design for your website. This includes: creating a logo for you, menu, setting up the lay out and formatting the text.

My priority: creating the best unique design for our client, guided by the clients needs.

Special web design
Unique web design, specially made to fit your needs and your company’s look but with more attractive elements like flash, Javascript, dynamic elements and other special effects.

Logo design
The word “Logo” is Greek and it means Symbol. The logo is the symbol of your company. I believe that you see millions of different logos everyday. If your company doesn’t have a logo, we can design one for you.

This service is free if you order a website from us.

Banner design
On the web, you have probably seen small images or animations, which are advertising other websites or services. These small images are called banners. After we design a banner for you, you can give it to your partners, who will put it on their websites as links to your website. The more websites link to your website, the more people will come to visit you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
At Web Activations, we have a dedicated SEO team, which is working on making your website #1 in the search engine listings. To be honest, the actual visitors of your website come from web search engines. Every visitor is your potential customer, and if your website looks attractive, it is most likely that the visitor will buy your service or product, if he or she is interested.

This service is actually optimization of your website, so that it is better “read” by Google.
More information about Search Engine Optimization can be found on

Blog website design
If you want to have an unique design on your web blog, we can do this for you. Blogs are just like other websites, and they can also look very good.

News module
If you would like to keep your website up to date, and you want to tell all your customers about the new promotions, you offer.

This module is a must. It will let you publish news every time you want.

E-commerce, online shops
Everybody buys stuff online now a days. If you would like to sell stuff online, you will need a web partner. Web Activations is here to help you. We will answer all your questions about online shops, and we will create one for you. If you want, we can also populate it with your products. So the only thing YOU need to do is wait for your customers to give you their money.

Website support
Once your website is ready, you will need to keep it up to date. We will train you how to do this yourself (no special computer knowledge is required). But if you want us to change something on the design, or add one of the services below, we will do it for you.

We want to be your web partner, which deals with your website and you can always count on us.

Paying systems
The pay systems are the gateways, that a website needs, in order to receive any actual money. This service is done with the partnership of Visa, Master Card, American Express and all the other payment systems, which you require.

Back Up systems
Every one of our customers has a FREE back up system. This system lets you copy all the information from your website to a safe place. Unfortunately, computers, like everything else, are not perfect and there is always a risk of data loss, data corruption or unauthorized access.

If you have a dynamic website, doing a back up every week is a good routine, which might save you (and us) a lot of trouble.

Ads and announcements system
This web systems allows you to publish ads and announcements on your website. You can also let your visitors publish their announcements on your website, while you control everything. You can have different categories like “buy”, “sell”, “Exchange” etc.

If you wish you can charge your visitors for publishing their ads or announcements.

Web based systems for uploading, publishing, editing and managing pictures online. You can choose all the parameters of your pictures like resolution, size as well as ordering them in different albums, where visitors can see them.

Each picture can have its own name, description, rating and other kind of information.

External news
One of the new advantages of the modern web (web 2.0) is the web data exchange. You can automatically display information (like news) from other websites. This is done by using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). You can display news from websites such as BBC, CNN, Times Online and many other news websites.

Events calendar
Do you organize parties or any other activities, which you want the people to know about? By using an online events calendar, you can tell the people what you are up to, and let them browse your events. You can also add pictures, write free text about the event, give information about the location, the time and everything else you want.

File archives (repositories)
If you would like to have you own file catalog, where you can publish your files and let visitors download them, this is the service for you. In your file archive you can also divide the files into categories, add pictures to the files, you can also offer your files with paid access, so that visitors have to pay, before downloading.

If you wish your website visitors to be able to sign up for news on their email, this service is for you. Every time you send your visitors an email with news, you make them visit your website again, which increases the chance to make them buy your product or service, if you make it sound attractive.

Polls and surveys
If you have questions for your customers or you just want to know how they rate your company, this service is for you.

Contacts page
The contacts page is a web page, with a web form, which allows your visitors to contact you directly. It is very important to give your visitors an option to contact you as easily as possible, because they might want to buy something from you. The page “Contact me” on this website is a live example of this service.

Social networks and forums
The new web (web 2.0) is here, and it is different than anything we had before. The web is no more just linking web pages, the new web is linking people (prof. Wesch).

If you want to build a community of your visitors, where you let them communicate with each other, and communicate with you, this component is for you. It is very powerful, and it lets you discuss everything you want with your website visitors and actually get to know them.

All the big companies have this component on their websites.

Do you want an clock on your website, which displays the current time in London, Paris and New York (for example). This service is free for our customers, who order a website from us.

IF you would like your visitors to be able to write something about your website, and then let other visitors see it, guest book is the best solution. You will have full control over the pages, so don’t worry! There will be no pages, you don’t like.

A section with Frequency Asked Questions on your website. This will help a lot both you and your visitors. You will not have to answer the same questions on the phone all the time, and you will be able to show the information to your visitors, in a way they can understand it.

If you are inerested in any of this services contact us now and we will answer all your questions for FREE!

Alex Ivaylov,
Web Activations Ltd, Scotland