About Alex




Web Developer at Sco Dot Biz Ltd in Fife, Scotland, UK
PHP/MySQL web developer
Program User Interface(UI) designer
Bulgarian Webmasters community member
UK Webmaster World member
UK Web Design Association (UKWDA) member
International Webmasters Association (IWA) member
Five dynamic Websites webmaster
Advanced Win32 and *nix systems administrator

Alex has helped a lot of businesses to take important decisions and present their services and products on the web.

Honours and awards:

Awarded “John Kelly” scholarship from the Adam Smith Foundation, Fife, Scotland (Jan 2009)
Awarded scholarship from Comunitas foundation, Bulgaria (mar 2008)
Awarded as ‘Pride of School’ award at Neophit Rilski High School, Kneja, Bulgaria (may 2007)
Awarded bursary for good grades at Neophit Rilski High School(dec 2006)

Alex has been shown on the TV and written in a newspaper a few times.


21 yrs old, completely independent …

Outgoing, social, good into getting people to have fun, yesman, likes to try new things, adventurous, DJ, team player, always up for new challenges…

Alex comes from the sunny Bulgaria (Eastern European Union) and is proud of his background!